"Works great for me!" -- Simon Labelle

Hey Mark, Your FreeEed works well with Relativity, I tested it today on the Review Platform. The only thing we had to do is to customize the Relativity Fields Maps and the date format saved for FreeEed.” — Carlos Dias

At an average of 100 downloads per month, FreeEedTM is used by

  • Large law firms
  • Small law firms and solos
  • Government agencies
  • Universities
  • Enterprises
  • Developers learning Big Data skills


Here are some success stories:

Open University (UK’s largest university and a leader in distant learning) is using FreeEed to teach their students a course on eDiscovery. They distribute the virtual machine to every student, using Torrent. What better use for open-source software that you can freely distribute?

Oklahoma State Court is using FreeEed to respond to the citizens’ queries about the court’s work – to which the citizens are entitled by law. You should see their list of inclusions and exclusion – it contains more than 30 terms – but it produces exactly the right set of responsive documents.

A company under a threat of patent litigation is using FreeEed to get the first look at the responsive emails.

Used for on-going litigation, FreeEed allows to preserve the lawsuit’s data for as long as needed, bring it up in the cloud on-demand, and then put it back to sleep until the next time. And each case is residing on a separate server, so there is no co-mingling.

A Hadoop-savvy consulting firm is using FreeEed to process eDiscovery cases on its medium-size Hadoop cluster. This is where FreeEed Big Data really shines!